It is very important to pick the right size of peerkos, in order to be able to fully benefit from the barefoot characteristics of the shoe. You need to know the length of your foot and add the desired extra space you like to have in the shoe.

How to measure your foot?

The most common method is foot tracing.

  1. Ask someone to help you with this to make the measuring more accurate.
  2. Stand on a paper with your legs straight, relax your feet.
  3. Have your helper trace your feet with a thin and sharp pencil, holding it vertically so there is no extra space added to the actual foot shape. Best is to do this at least twice to make sure the tracing is correct.
  4. Measure the distance between the middle of your heel to the longest toe, to get your foot length.
  5. Do this for both feet as their size might differ.

How many extra millimeters should you add?

Our feet move and spread as we walk so you should have at least 6 mm extra space in front of your foot. Some customers (usually experienced barefoot walkers) like to have 12 mm or more. We recommend 7 – 10 mm if you are not sure yourself.

Still not sure?

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PLEASE READ: We are strong believers in the wonderful benefits of barefoot shoes and we are happy to see the number of their fans growing. However, they might not be suitable for some diagnosis. If you have doubts whether the minimalist sole is suitable for you, kindly consult with your doctor and/or physiotherapist.