About peerko shoes

peerko shoes are barefoot shoes – What does it mean?

Barefoot shoes are often described as minimalist shoes. But they go further past the minimalist concept.

The sole is thin and flexible in all directions. It has a so-called "zero drop", which means that the thickness under toes is the same as under the heel. The shape of the shoe was designed by professionals to match the physiognomy of foot. The toe box respects the natural foot shape and is wide enough. The cut is chosen so that it can be tightened for a narrower foot, but it fits wide legs just as well.

Our shoes were designed in collaboration with a physiotherapist, designer and a leading Czech shoemaker. Peerko shoes will make you look and feel good at the same time!

We use only high quality fabrics and leather for the production of peerko shoes. All components for the production of our shoes come from Europe and have been manufactured in Europe and in ethical conditions.

Why to wear barefoot shoes?

We spend a lot of time wearing shoes every day, so it is desirable that they benefit or at least not harm us. Barefoot shoes do not mess with your proprioception.

Conventional footwear usually has a shape that goes a long way from the natural shape of the foot, which deforms it and the toes cannot fulfill the role assigned to them by nature. Our shoes respect the physiognomy of the foot, they will give your toes enough space, thanks to which they will be comfortable and at the same time they will be able to work properly.

A sole drop deflects the body from the natural axis and causes a number of problems. Peerko shoes have a zero drop and do not adversely affect your balance.

It is also important that the sole is flexible in all directions, to provide the foot with information about the surface we walk on and allow it to work properly - bend, use your toes when bouncing, roll the foot ...

The benefits of barefoot footwear are endless, which is where more and more people, both laymen and professionals, come up with. We believe that barefoot shoes are suitable for the vast majority of customers. However, there are diagnoses in which this type of footwear may not be beneficial. If you have doubts about the suitability of barefoot shoes for yourself, do not hesitate to contact experts before wearing them.